I Have to Start Doing Things on Time from Now on

I was hoping that we would have very cool spring this year in my city, but that hasn’t happened. I have long known what the temperature is like here, so it’s not like I didn’t have time to prepare for warm weather. I procrastinated instead in gettin Sacramento HVAC services carried out on my AC unit. One particularly warm night, I had to get creative to get my room cooled down because I didn’t bother to get my AC serviced sooner. I am trying to become better at not being so disorganized and putting a stop to my constant procrastination.

I remember my parents being frustrated about my procrastination when I was just a little boy. You could have been talking about the moon all I know when they discussed it. I had no idea what that word meant. I just knew that my parents and teachers were often not happy about me not getting things done in an appropriate amount of time. I really had no idea how to change that when I was a kid, but I’m working really hard to try to change that. I’m paying attention to other people to see how quickly they get things done. I ask them for tips as well. I also purchased some books on getting disorganized.

I had a feeling that I have a ADD. Never heard anyone talk about that in reference to me, but in learning about the symptoms and seeing that they paralleled with the way I think, I knew that I should at least be tested to see if that was my problem. I was sent to a psychologist you had a long talk with me, and ask me to fill out a test as well. I found out that I am suffering from it, and now she’s working with me to stop my procrastination issues