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A Guide to Choosing the Right Business PBX Phone System The costs of running your front office can come down with a move to a PBX phone system. This system can help your customer support personnel operate more efficiently at lower costs. A PBX system also improves convenience of office communications between employees as well as with external entities, be it via email or voice/video calls, at affordable rates. First evaluate how communication takes place at the office before picking any specific PBX system. Consider if you’re office uses the current phone system predominantly to make outgoing calls to customers. This particular issue can help decide the type of PBX phone you should get for your business. This article looks at some of the factors to look at when picking a PBX system:
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With an IP PBX office phone, you can enjoy superior, integrated communication features. The system calls for appreciable upfront investments, especially if you’re hosting it in-house, but it’s worthwhile in the long run due to the possible costs savings of around 50% in telephone call costs. An IP PBX serves well both small and medium-sized businesses, and if you have bandwidth that can support many phone lines, this system is just perfect for your organization. Don’t forget that an IP telephone is great for video conferencing at very minimal costs. Cloud-Hosted and Virtual PBX Systems There’s probably a lot that you have to handle if you’re a small company with limited resources and manpower. Thankfully, a hosted or virtual PBX can work for you since either system is maintained offsite. A hosted or virtual PBX means less headache for you, and while you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee, your provider will take care of the management and maintenance of the system. With the cloud model, you don’t have to spend a lot on infrastructure to support your IP telephone. Now, there’s less on your plate, and therefore, you can concentrate on your key business operations. PBX Capabilities Prior to determining the features you want your PBX phone to have, be sure to analyze your business communication needs. Whether you’re a small or medium sized enterprise, an IP PBX telephone can provide many features that improve your ability to communicate as well as productivity. When you’re an office that makes plenty of international calls, you’re better off with an IP PBX phone to benefit from the long-distance call rates that are way affordable, unlike the case with traditional analog phones. Other features to expect in a PBX phone include call transfer, automated attendant, and call waiting. The right PBX phone can dramatically improve business communications and productivity. With the above guidelines, choosing the right PBX phone won’t be a problem.