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Some Methods in Communication that Promote a Healthy Relationship It is a fact that good communication can help relationships and it is a result of skills that are learned. Undeniably, learning how to listen is considered as the first big step in order to develop a healthy communication in any relationship. Another aspect of successful communication is to learn what to listen for. There is a statement made by an expert that says “Big people monopolize the listening. Small people monopolize the talking.” It is natural for people to do a lot of talking and it needs big effort for them to listen. There are some methods being suggested that will help relationships have a healthy communication, and these will be presented here briefly. First method is called mirroring, and this is exemplified when we give an order at the drive-through, wherein our order is repeated back to us to clarify and assure correctness of the order. This method is helpful and effective when we communicate to others. This method shows that in order for us to be sure that we have understood correctly what the other person is saying, that it is helpful to repeat back what we have heard. When you have misunderstood what you have heard, by mere repetition of what you have heard, will give the other person the opportunity to clarify his or her message.
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The next tip is to remember the so-called words of life that remind us how words affect our feelings. Not only are we reminded that what we say are important but also there is a similar significance in how we say the words. It is said that in communication, 7% is through words, the tone of voice is 38% and non-verbal signals is 55%.
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The next effective method of communication in relationships is to try to make your communication “salty” in order to make your message relevant to the other person listening. The next method is by stating words as if you are painting a scene or picture. Also termed as word pictures, this is considered as an effective way to communicate how we feel. Through word pictures, it is said that your positive feelings and encouragement are best communicated. The life of a relationship depends on how people communicate with each other and thus communication cannot be taken for granted. We often hear that one of the main reasons why couples break up is because they do not understand each other, and this leads to anger, fight and resentment. Some causes pointed out that resulted to common communication problems are like talking too much to the point of not listening, communication that does not lead to a point, showing defensive attitudes like aggressiveness or defensiveness, and dishonesty.