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Types of Parking Permits In order for residents, employees, and visitors to be allowed to park their vehicles in the specified parking area during a specified time, parking permit programs are established by residential societies, non-profit or commercial organizations. These parking programs are implemented so that security is strengthened by monitoring vehicles and people entering the premises. Parking authorities issue the permits and this entitles the permit holder to park their vehicles within the specified areas. Parking permits are required for everyone like office employees, residents, caregivers, foreign consulates, students, visitors, fire stations, hospitals, etc. Today you can find different parking permits and tags in the market. Those who are buying parking permits to use for their programs should know what the different kinds of parking permits are to that they will know what is best for their program. The first is the parking hangtag which is hand from your rearview mirror. This is ideal when you need to move tags between vehicles. There are heavy duty plastic hangtags that can withstand car heat. Hangtags can be for temporary permits, handicapped or disabled parking permits, and scratch off designs. The purpose of the scratch off hangtags is for situations when you need to look at the expiry date and you have to scratch off the coatings.
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A permit that can cling to mirrors both inside and outside is called a parking decal. You should buy those that use good adhesive and stay stuck. If flash inspection is important then you need to get those made from reflective materials.
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Static cling windows decals can cling without adhesive. These are clear labels, and can be used inside or outside the mirror. It does not obstruct the driver’s view. There are also many shapes of this type. Bumper sticker permits are used on bumpers and made from materials that are resistant to weather conditions. large and readable numbers are on bumper stickers and these can be read even from a far distance. Bumper stickers can also be the reflective kind. Windshield labels, and warning and violation stickers are the other types of permits. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors to parking hangtags and permits available. Parking decals are also available in different sizes and shapes. You should get one according to your requirements. You can give different colored permits for different qualifications. If your parking permit has a logo then it will look very professional and enhances your branding. And if you don’t have a logo then using a unique, noticeable text font to display the name of the organization will do. Barcode is a unique identification code that can be read by a barcode scanner. Parking permits using barcodes can be ordered instead of human readable numbers. It will be easier for customers since they can simply swipe their parking permits.