A Great Apartment to Live in

I work hard, but I like to play hard too. To me, life is just not worth living if there is not that balance between work and play. I have worked hard the last six years since getting out of college, which is the reason I was able to look at luxury apartments in Tallahassee when I decided to accept a pretty incredible job offer there. My income was about to increase to a level I thought I would not reach until well into my 30s, and I knew that I deserved to live in an apartment complex that was going to allow me to have some fun downtime.

Parkway Square is a complex that is not far from my new management position, and it has everything that would make me look forward to going home after a long day at work. I like that it has a fitness center and pool, but the tennis court and volleyball court also appealed to me. There is even a bark park there, which meant that I might actually get a dog now. I don’t have one yet, but I love the fact that I can have one here with me when I do make that decision to expand my family from just me to me and a furry buddy.

The inside of the apartment is just as nice. I have a balcony that gives me a spectacular view of the city, which is my favorite place to hang out when I just need to relax. The ceilings are high, which makes the large rooms seem even bigger. The kitchen is really nice too with plenty of cupboard space, which means a lot to me since I love to cook. Yeah, this really is the perfect place for someone like me, and I know that I will be happy here until I end up buying a home when I meet the woman of my dreams.