Our Daughter Would Not Stop Crying at Night

If someone would have told me that my healthy newborn daughter would be seeing a chiropractor before she was a month old, I would have wondered what was wrong with them. Jenna was born with ten fingers and toes, enough hair for a small ponytail, and lungs that would intimidate just about anyone. She was and is absolutely perfect. However, she would cry for hours on end when we first brought her home. I had no idea that a chiropractor in Santa Barbara would be able to help us with that issue that was making both of us extremely tired, but that is what happened.

We talked with her pediatrician along with friends who have kids, but all of them just told us that it is something she will grow out of. I have been around crying kids though, and I knew that something was causing this. I went online to look at some new parenting forums, and that is where I first heard about chiropractic care for infants. I devoured everything I could on this, and I saw that it is actually quite common for chiropractors to have patients that range in age from newborn to octogenarians and beyond.

I called a local chiropractor to see if they treat infants, and I was relieved to know that they do. I explained the problem, then my husband and I took Jenna in to see the doctor. She was an absolute angel in there and did not cry a single time. We explained that she has crying jags that can last for a full two hours, and that it happens every single night. He gave her an adjustment that day, and we went back four days later for a second one. It was the second one that was magical, because she no longer cries like she did when we first brought her home.