I Just Can’t Resist a Challenge

My son and I can get quite competitive at times. Even though I’m older than him, I can still go toe to toe with him in terms of physical strength. One day, my son challenged me to see how many sit ups we could both do in five minutes. I wasn’t one to back down from a challenge, especially from my son, so I accepted. Things were going fine until something happened to my back in the middle of a the challenge. I was so much pain that I had to go to a Santa Maria chiropractor and postpone the challenge.

When I explained to the chiropractor what happened to cause my back injury, he told me that I probably shouldn’t be pushing my body so far just for a challenge. The chiropractor told me that my back would heal, but I would need to let it rest and not do any extraneous challenges that would make my condition even worse. Since I gave up during the challenge to go to the chiropractor, my son wanted to take the victory, but I wasn’t going to let him. I totally would have been able to beat him if not for my back.

For the next few days, while I sat in bed thinking about the challenge and when I would be able to compete against my son again, my wife said something to me that really helped me put things into perspective. She told me that I was being an idiot and there was no point to this whole challenge, especially if it would cost me functionality in my body. Once my back was healed, I decided not to compete with my son any further. It was clear that his body was in better shape than mine, and it was time to pass on the torch.