I Have Been in Vegas for the Label

It is not just Las Vegas, but rather I have been all over and this is just the latest stop. As always I have my ears open for new talent and I sort of got a different kind of talent thrust upon me while I was there. Lots of people know what I do and lots of people want to show me that I should be listening for them. At any rate these two gorgeous girls managed to get into my hotel room the third night in Las Vegas. I figured out why Las Vegas blonde escorts were there quickly, although I did not learn that part at first. One of them was a singer, in fact she was sort of on the bubble as these things good. She could actually sing and it was possible that she could parlay her beauty into something of a career. Of course this was out of my lane.

I realized later on that the other girl was in fact her girlfriend. She was the one who made quite sure that I did not get up and walk out on the audition. To put it delicately she pinned me down and got hold of something I was not leaving without. Of course I never lie about business, but this was one of those situations where it is really difficult to maintain professional ethics. After a little while the two of them were all over me. She handed me her demo and said that she knew who my boss was. That seemed to be the only thing that she expected me to do for her, and since I know my boss I suspect that this all that she really needs me to do. If she got her foot inside that door, there is no way she will not walk out with what she wants.